• To provide Higher education to students, of the various corridors of knowledge, with the best possible way.
• To impart professional education to students belonging to different strata of society irrespective of caste, gender, or creed.
• To uplift the deprived and academically weak students by empowering them with knowledge.
• To develop social, moral, aesthetic and ethical values amongst our students.
• To equip and develop essential professionals and technical skills so that they sail confidently with grit, determination and resilience amidst the turbulent currents of change and the stormy waves of life’s complexities and challenges.

• To inculcate reverence for humanity and to fortify high ideals of perseverance, dedication, quality consciousness and excellence.
• To build a strong and unflinching character through education for a meaningful existence.
• To prepare citizens who could grow to be competent enough to contribute significantly for the betterment of mankind through their future careers and profession.

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