Students’ progression to higher levels indicates how a territory or a society evolves. Our concern is to help our students to rise up to their potential and more. We inspire our students to explore all kinds of possibilities in their life, to settle into something that enables them to innovate and to make them happy.
There are several indicators of students’ performance and progression. We have studied them in detail and that may be obtained from our Self Study Report (SSR). Happiness and emotional Quotients can also be counted along with the statistical studies.
In the individual levels, we monitor students to achieve levels that are possible for them in a constrained situation.

The Progression can be one of the three categories:
°Higher Education and Learning
°Employment in Govt. and Private Sectors

It is a pleasure to note that many our UG Science Students go to do PG degrees in the top level Universities, IIT’s, ISM, IISER and qualify in exams like JAM, JEST and other such highly competitive examinations. After completing, those students and many of our own PG students go for Research in various front-ranking Research Institutions, Central Govt. Laboratories, Universities and other places like IISc, NPL, IPR, IIT, IISER, Saha Institute (SINP), IACS, SN Bose Inst, IOP and some such places. It is quite encouraging to say that some of our erstwhile science students are pursuing Ph.D. and postdoctoral research works at various important research institutes in Germany, Japan, Singapore, USA and elsewhere.
A large number of UG students in Arts faculties, also complete their Master degrees from the well known Universities in Bengal and in India. A good number of them chose to do Ph.D. in various important and emerging areas. Many of them go on to teach in Colleges, Schools and Universities.
Setting up of own business and to generate employment rather than looking for a job is not very common in our society. With a few examples at hand, our young generation is also heading towards such endeavours.

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."
– Albert Einstein

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